the biggest shame about rock n' roll

In my experience online (on the internets) and listening to the radio there seem to be a massive missunderstanding about the biggest and best among rock bands and artists. Why I recoon that is? Well most bands who have deacades of making records (or who's music still keeps drawing attention to itself) and being out on the road has done alot more than one or two great songs.

But why. Why is radio only playing the same hits, year after year after year when there is several songs even on the same CD that could be played and perhaps helping the band to find new fans or atleast give die-hard fans a smile on a wednesday afternoon?

While killing good songs by overplaying them other good songs are getting forgotten. That to me is the biggest shame about rock n' roll. Kids of today (some, not all) don't give bands a chance because they think all the band ever did was just one track while in real life the band has been active for maybe 30 years, on the road and done 15 (+) CD's which is atleast 150 songs.

In my time tracking down music I've come across alot of songs that easily could fit radio and would be appreciated far more than the single overplayed "super-hit". It makes me wonder, if I can find these songs how come radio stations can't?

// don't get eliminated! - GeorgVanHalen